Who is buying in Quinta do Lago and Vale de Lobo?


Arguably the biggest attraction for buyers and holidaymakers alike in the Quinta do Lago and Vale de Lobo area are the large, lush, green golf courses that surround the resorts. Over the past 50 years these courses invited an influx of new, luxury villa developments to the region, serving as private and as holiday homes. This drive caused an increase in high class bars, restaurants and activities opening and indulging the newly found popularity of the Algarve.

For the best part, the ownership and attraction has been solely in the hands of retirees and golf lovers alike with the average buyer age of 50 – 60, but this trend is slowly changing with a younger audience taking foot in the area.

With Marriot’s luxury ‘W Hotel’ brand beginning taking hold in the Algarve, the young and wealthy have also hit Portugal’s famous southern coast by storm. If you take a stroll around Quinta do Lago and Vale de Lobo you will find mixture of the traditional style Portuguese villa and new large contemporary villas and apartments with this younger audience at the helm. This trend is not slowing down either, with cranes scattered around and new luxury developments taking shape across the region; each with their own specification and individuality that buyers seek causing the price of which to move up, with the average buying price being anywhere in between 2 and 6 million euro.

These young, modern villa and apartment developments invite all kinds of celebrities to revel in the luxury, from footballers to presenters. Featuring on many of the local beach bars walls of fame! Just because these new high-class developments strive for 5-star luxury does not mean they aren’t environmentally friendly either. There is increase demand for zero emission apartments and villas with the use of high-tech photovoltaic systems to power the structures.

The increase in investment and high-class development is proving that this area of Portugal’s Algarve is currently one of the most highly sought out places in Europe and showing no signs of slowing down!


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