When to visit the Algarve!

Struggling to decide which month of the year to take your annual break?

This blog should give you an idea of the best time to visit the Algarve for you!


The average high temperature in the Algarve through the months of December – February is 17°

Even through winter in the Algarve when the temperatures are at their lowest, It still attracts plenty of tourism as of course its the Christmas holidays and New Year! There are plenty of events on over the festive period with a great atmosphere which Is why so many people are attracted to visiting Portugal in December!

As the festive period passes it quietens down in the Algarve, this is the best time to visit for people who don’t want to hustle and bustle of busy beaches, bars and restaurants. For a cool breeze and beer on the beach in your hoody, the winter season is definitely the best time for you to visit!


The average high temperature in the Algarve through the months of March – May is 23°

The Algarve is still fairly quite in March with slightly higher temperatures and a warming breeze! So if you like the peace and quite, March is a great time to visit. As it gets into May and the easter holidays approach it starts to attract more tourists.

There are plenty of activities to take part in during the Easter break such as; Easter egg hunts, themed dinners and plenty of activities for both adults and kids.


The average high temperature in the Algarve through the months of June – August is 33°

Like most warm destinations, the Algarve is at its busiest during the summer months, with the school holidays and hot weather, families see this as the perfect time to take their annual vacation. The atmosphere in the summer months is great! With bustling bars and restaurants and busy side walks, the vibe is fantastic!

There are lots of additional activities on in the summer months such as; movies in the park, picnics in the parks, summer tournaments, kids clubs and much more.


The Average high temperature in the Algarve through the months of September – November ranges from 29° in September to a cooler 20° in October/November!

The Algarve tends to be a lot quieter in these months due to the holiday season being over and the sunshine becoming less frequent. Although this doesn’t mean the autumn months are a bad time to visit the Algarve. If you prefer a cooler climate and quieter beaches and restaurants then Autumn is the best time to visit.

There are still events on over the half term and even Halloween parties in October for the kids to enjoy! See the list of activities that are available all year round in the Algarve to see what you could get up to in the chilled atmosphere of the autumn months.

Things to do all year round in the Algarve

  • Golf
  • Bike riding
  • Horse Riding
  • Go Karting
  • Tours
  • Tennis
  • Gym
  • Spa’s
  • Shopping
  • Visit the Zoo
  • Wine Tasting
  • Surfing
  • Walking
  • Exploring
  • Clubs/Bars

If you are unsure on where to venture on your next holiday, the Algarve is the place to book all year round! Voted ‘Worlds Leading Destination 2018’ that says it all!

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